LET'S immortalize your proposal with a HEART-MELTING ARTWORK

Blow your (future) spouse away with an illustration made just for you featuring your proposal! #proposalgoals

immortalize your proposal with a HEART-MELTING PIECE OF ART

Blow your (future) spouse away with an illustration made just for you featuring your proposal! #proposalgoals

An image MAY BE worth 1,000 words BUT your portrait will leave your future spouse speechless

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Malcom & Simone by Amy Liu

Malcom & Simone by Amy Liu

WANT TO POp the question USING ART? 

I did! 

On August 5th, 2013, I proposed to my girlfriend Simone. I didn’t take her out to a nice restaurant, on a romantic walk along a beach, or pop the question during halftime at a major sporting event.

Instead, I proposed to her online, on reddit.com (her favorite website), through 21 illustrations I commissioned from 18 artists, each representing different artistic styles or fandoms that play an important role in our relationship. 

The proposal went viral, and more importantly, she said yes! The art I commissioned now lines the walls of our home.

Malcolm Collins



The perfect gift for my wife

As I showed my family and friends the artwork every one of them agreed that Lucia captured my wife and I perfectly. Not only in an artistic sense but also in an emotional sense. It was almost as if Lucia had been a longtime friend and knew us and our relationship and infused that into her artwork. I instantly knew that this was the perfect gift for my wife. A gift that not only looks amazing but one that also simultaneously shows the love we have for each other and the memories we share. That was a huge reason for me commissioning this art and I can definitely say that I was not disappointed or let down in the slightest.


My new fiancé was extremely surprised and happy!

Giulia was able to put together an incredible art piece within a short time! I ended up using it for a proposal and my new fiancé was extremely surprised and happy! Thank you Giulia!!


Best wedding present

Ordered a painting for a friend as a wedding present. It came out better than expected and I know my friend will love it. Couldn’t imagine it any better.


I would do it again in a heartbeat

I was inspired to commission this art after reading articles online about unique proposal ideas. I read one where a gentleman had commissioned a work of art depicting his proposal. I never realized that I could have an artist commission a personalized work of art for me over the internet, so as soon as I realized this was a possibility, I thought it would be a wonderful proposal idea. I thought the idea was very personal and unique and offered a way to remember the special occasion for years to come.

I browsed many different artists, and I was struck by TheMeedes attention to detail in her sample artwork. I thought that her commissions very closely resembled the reference photos that were sent to her. I wanted my commission to look very accurate and attention to detail was important to me. So I sent her recent photos of the two of us, as well as of the proposal location. And I was very pleased by the results. I would commission this work of art again in a heartbeat. These artists are very talented and they know how to pleasantly surprise their clients.


We were blown away!

Silvia was so kind and professional. Her style is beautiful and whimsical, my fiancé and I fell in love with it instantly. She worked so quickly but also with extreme detail and precision. We are BLOWN AWAY by how incredible the final product is. If you are thinking about working with Silvia, DO IT!


Exactly what I wanted!

This was my first art commission and Lucia was brilliant. She was able to capture exactly what I wanted depicted in an engagement picture (despite my vague but earnest attempts to describe everything). Lucia was super responsive with her communications and turn around time. My now fiancee absolutely loves the picture and it couldn't have been better.


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