Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding Art

Wedding Comic Panels Before and After via ArtCorgi

This past June, Carol and Matt had a very special pop art-themed wedding and ArtCorgi got to play a small role! For the special event, Carol commissioned two illustrated comic pages inspired by Game of Thrones and featuring herself and Matt tumbling into another world.

To be true to the pop art theme, Carol and Matt had these comic panels printed on Campbell-style soup cans, which were given out as favors. How cool is that?

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Carol

ArtCorgi: How did you meet your husband?

Carol: We met online on We talked for a few weeks then agreed to meet on March 8th 2013. It was love at first sight. From, there we never left each other. There is also a funny story about our wedding. :)

My grandmother and my mother were both married on a June 8th. So back in 2004, I told my friends that I would follow the tradition and get married on June 8th 2013. Since then, It began to be a friend funny story, I was telling book your june 8th 2013, since I’ll be getting married. But since I didn’t meet anyone that I wanted to marry, I was then ready to celebrate my non-wedding… anyway, March 8th… I met Matt… Exactly 3 months before. Everything went great, We knew with a month that we were meant to be. Exactly 8 days before the “wedding day” we took a trip to Portland OR, together, and this is where we agreed we would like to marry each other.

And with all that, Matt realized that that date was special for me, and he decided to give me the next best thing : He proposed on the June 8th 2013 :) Then of course, organised everything to get married on June 8th 2014. :)

On the story we commissioned, we wanted to incorporate that decisive trip, as well as Game of thrones, a TV show we bonded upon while first talking online. :)

ArtCorgi: Can you tell us a bit about your wedding? Did it have a particular theme?

Carol: Our wedding was in Montreal, at the Belvedere, at the Montreal’s Science Center. When I walked into that room, there is the view in Montreal which is amazing, so I knew I wanted to get married there. But then I saw a big red wall, I instantly had a vision. We would be doing a pop art theme wedding. We both love that period of art, and we knew we could do a great event, modern and different with that theme. We also decided to go with a Mondrian parallel theme to bring elegance to the wedding while still complementing the whole thing. The colors of Mondrian were perfect for the color theme, and also historically, St-Laurent did bring back the Mondrian dress, right during the pop art period. So we did a mix of 60’s, Pop art and Mondrian, all coming together to create one amazing and beautiful event.

ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission original art for the wedding?

Carol: Since the theme was pop art, we knew we wanted to incorporate a comic book element, but we wanted to do it in an original way. We did had the idea of creating a comic book with us in it, but it was difficult to find out how to do so. Then I saw ArtCorgi on Facebook the process was exactly what we were looking for! We could give information about us and to all be put together to tell our story. It exceeded our expectations and we are grateful for it! :)

Wedding Favors Featuring ArtCorgi ArtArtCorgi: How did you create those awesome Campbell’s-style soup cans featuring the comic??

Carol: I did do some of the designs myself, but that one was created by a great designer: Sarah Lazar from the Company Cow Goes Moo. The idea started when we were brainstorming with my mother and our wedding planner, Tania Tassone from the Company Blanc Events, We knew we wanted to incorporate the Campbell’s soup for the pop art theme. When we worked with the caterer, we decided to serve at cocktail hour a gaspacho, which would be in those cans. In order to personalize it, we added this amazing label design. The comic brought the uniqueness and the fun part. We also put the whole comic in the ceremony program, so everyone could read “our story”. :)

ArtCorgi: What advice would you give to other couples who are trying to find cool, artsy things they can do for their weddings?

Carol: The advice I could give is to not be afraid to be different. We really didnt went with a traditionnal wedding, and we had so many compliments for it. Also, the feeling of having art created with you in it is actually pretty great. :) It is a cool keepsake that is fun for everyone.

Also if possible, always go for personalization. It is what makes your wedding unique. We shopped for example also on Etsy, but always try to find pieces that could be created for us and fit the theme of the wedding. And I think this is why ArtCorgi is a great concept, It couldnt be more personnalized than that! :) And there is so many applications for it. Once you get your portrait, comic or other commission, you can really use it anywhere you like whatever fits best. Me it was on the program and the gaspacho cans, but we could have had used it as a grand portrait at arrival, at the menus, in the logo, invitations (which in my experience was the most difficult thing to actually do differently)… the sky is the limit with Art Corgi. :)