Samuel on His Commission featuring Fort Ingall by Nell Fallcard

Samuel the Soldier by Nell Fallcard

Samuel by Nell Fallcard Before 2Nell Fallcard was recently commissioned to create a period piece inspired by Samuel’s experience working at Fort Ingall. We love the finished product and asked Samuel some questions about his commission. Read more about him below!

ArtCorgi: What is the story behind Fort Ingall? When and why was it created? And can people visit it regularly?

Samuel: Fort Ingall was built in 1839 by British officer Lieutenant Frederick Lenox Ingall. The purpose of the fort was to stop the American invasion of Canada from the state of Maine. In that era, boundaries were still unclear between the two countries and the valuable white pine forests were at stake. Sadly, the original fort was partially burned, then demolished in the beginning of the 20th century. But following extensive archaeological surveys and historical researches, it was rebuilt in 1972. Fort Ingall is now a historic site opened to the public from June to September.

A: What is your relation to the fort?

S: I started to working at Fort Ingall when I was a student in college 8 years ago. Back then, we started a group of historical re-enactors called the Lake Temiscouata Garrison. We do historical impression of a small group of soldier and civilians from the 1830s. Despite my studies in sciences, I decided in 2011 to change the course of my career to become general manager of Fort Ingall. Since then, not only do I have the chance to work in this amazing environment, but I am also commanding the small squad as Lieutenant Edward Vines, an officer of the era.

A: What inspired you to commission this illustration?

S: Being manager of Fort Ingall is not only a job for me, it is truly a passion. For me, it is a chance to share my love of history and to contribute to the awareness I think we should all have about our heritage. I am also a lover of art and design, so when I heard about ArtCorgi, I wanted to try it! When you enter a historic place, you are pushed back in time into a totally different world, where the things that matter are so different. When I wear the uniform, I feel like I’m in a totally different place, a place where I belong. I think Nell succeeded well in expressing that feeling.


Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, Samuel! And we hope you like the finished product as much as we do!

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– ArtCorgi