A Fun Family Portrait Commissioned by Nicholas Flanders

Family Portrait for Nicholas by Oweeo

The Flanders FamilyWe love this family portrait that Nicholas Flanders commissioned from Oweeo. Most of the family portraits we get feature really young kids, and while kiddies are adorable, it is refreshing to see mature people getting drawn together, too!

Nicholas commissioned this piece for use as a unique Mother’s Day gift, which we think is the bee’s knees.

We’re certainly a fan of the style he chose (Oweeo’s semi-realistic portrait style). Nicholas chose it with his mother’s taste in mind, and we like the vibrant colors worked into the final piece. Here’s hoping more commission orders like this are on the way!

5 Tips on Commissioning Your Own Killer Family Portrait

  • Choose a style that exemplifies your family’s unique character
  • Have fun- don’t feel like you need to choose a “classic”, traditional style
  • Provide multiple reference photos so that your artist can create an accurate rendition of everyone in the illustration
  • Provide your artist with a detailed description of what you would like him or her to draw (that includes an explanation of the types of colors and textures you want)
  • Keep in mind the final use of your commission (Facebook cover photo, wall print, mobile device wallpaper, etc.) and ask for an appropriate orientation