Sketch-Reviewing ArtCorgi

​You've got questions? We've got answers!

​Is it safe? Can the artist run away with my money?

​I don't have ​time to browse through hundreds of artists. Do you offer any ​'Done-for-you​' services to match me with the best artist for my project?

What happens after I place my order? How do I tell the artist what I want?

​I haven't received the email with the form to give direction to my artist or the form is giving me trouble.

​Will I have direct contact with the artist during the process?

​What happens if the artist turns out not to be available for my order?

​What if I don't like the draft I've received and want to cancel my order?

​What happens if the artist doesn't deliver my artwork or they're past their turnaround time?

​How will I receive my piece of art?

​Can I request changes to be done to my artwork once it's completed?

​What can I do if I don't like ​my final artwork or have a quality dispute?

​I have a question that is not listed here. Where can I contact you?

​Ready to commission your own custom artwork?

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