Favorite Things Abound in this Charming Couple’s Portrait

Fantasy Couple Portrait by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

Every now and then, a finished commission comes in that really makes my day. This was the case with this brilliant piece Anthony commissioned from Louie Zong in his detailed digital illustration style. It melts my heart!

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Anthony

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this piece?

Anthony (A): We’ve always wanted to have a caricature of ourselves done. I had been familiar with Mr. Zong’s work previously, but never knew he did commissions. So when I saw his name come up on ArtCorgi, I kind of knew what had to be done.

AC: We love that you had several favorite things worked into this piece rather than request a single theme. What advice would you give to others who might like to follow in your footsteps with their art?

A: I trusted Mr. Zong would had some good ideas about what to draw when I gave him the reference photos and what we liked. So my advice would be to research potential artists that have perhaps done works with similar themes in the past, and pick the one that you most trust their creative direction and style for your piece!