A Family Portrait Featuring Avid Golfers

Portrait by AruRmz

When Kel came to us for a family portrait, she presented us with a bunch of potential background ideas. Her artist, AruRuz, ultimately settled on a golf course, as the family is comprised of avid golfers. The resulting illustration offers a nice look at not only a charming family, but one of their cool pastimes, too!

Though I love getting fantasy-themed portraits, this scene makes me hope we’ll have more people coming to us with requests to be drawn doing the things they love most.

To commission work from AruRmz in a similar style, visit her Anime Style Illustrations page.

Backstory Behind the Commission – Q&A with Kel

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this piece?

Kel (K): My family hasn’t taken a family portrait in a long time as we are never in the same city at the same time these days. So when I heard about ArtCorgi, I jumped on it. I also have always wanted an anime inspired piece.

AC: We love the golf course setting. For how long has your family been into golf?

K: Each of us has been playing for quite some time. Personally I’ve been playing off and on for 26 years… yikes. :) My family has been playing even longer than that.

AC: Have you ever commissioned art before?

K: This is my first time, but won’t be my last. I’m already thinking about my next project.