Turning Family Photos into an Epic Battle Scene

Comic Style Portrait of the Yuan Family by Clay Graham
John Yuan by Clay Graham Reference Photos (Before)
John kicked off his commission with photos that were fun to begin with- but became many times more awesome with Clay Graham’s comic-style pen strokes.

As much as we love straightforward family portraits, we can’t get over how much more awesome family portraits become when they get more creative.

This makes us huge fans of John, who asked Clay Graham to illustrate himself and his wife riding their pet cats into battle in order to save their young son from a horrifying monster.

One of the brilliant things about having yourself illustrated is that you have the opportunity to place yourself into scenes, costumes, and universes that would be impossible to replicate in anything but art (at least for anything less than thousands of dollars for a very expensive photo shoot).  John took this opportunity and really ran with it. Well played, sir!

Should you like to commission a piece of your own from Clay Graham, please stop by his Comic / Cartoon Illustration commission page. And should you like to get more backstory on the piece, check out our Q&A with John below!

ArtCorgi: This piece is deliciously epic! What inspired it?

John: Me and my wife both love World of Warcraft. Since we had a baby boy, we missed the new expansion. That’s why we decided to have an artwork for it :)

AC: Do you know yet what you’ll be doing with this piece? (Wall art? Facebook cover photo? 2014 Christmas Card?)

J: Wall art for my baby’s room.

AC: I love that you even worked your son’s Doraemon into the piece. How long has he had it?

J: Doraemon is what we all loved ever since we were very young. He had it ever since he was born.