Brothers in Battle

Brothers vs Aliens and Zombies by Silvadoray via ArtCorgi

Isn’t this piece commissioned by Zachary from Silvadoray fun? It features Zach and his brother, styled as some of their favorite characters (William Wallace and Aquaman) battling a hoard of zombies and aliens. You can get your own piece in this style by visiting Silvadoray’s commission page.

Some backstory on the piece:

ArtCorgi (AC): This aliens and zombies scene is hilarious and awesome. How did that idea come to mind?

Zachary (Z): We looked at our favorite comic book characters and some of our favorite movies and we talked and it dawned on us: why cant we combine them and make us the characters fighting some cool villains?

AC: Is there any backstory behind the weapons you choose for you and your brother?

Z: The weapons are based on some of the characters we had worked into our portraits’ styling, hence Aquaman uses a trident and William Wallace uses a Claymore sword.

AC: What advice would you give to folks who would like to commission awesome scenes of their own, but don’t know where to start when writing up a prompt?

Z: The advice I would give is have fun with it and do something that no one else might do :)