A Look at One of ArtCorgi’s Newest Realistic Portrait Styles

Realistic Portrait Commission by Jimmy Yeung

Though he started off by offering striking creature commissions on our site, Jimmy Yeung recently added a realistic portrait style at a very wallet-friendly price point. Here is the latest commission he has done in this style featuring Facebook’s VP of Ads and Pages (and all-around online art connoisseur), Andrew Bosworth. Though we get a […]

Centaurs Rock! Our Favorite Art Commission of the Week

Centuars by Denitsa Trandeva

One of our favorite commissions to come through ArtCorgi lately is this husband and wife commission made by Carlos Rosario, depicting the couple as centaurs (in Denitsa Trandeva’s fabulous anime style). We don’t know if it’s their expressions, the cherry blossom petals fluttering in the wind, or just the fact that they’re centaurs, but this […]

Fan Art Doesn’t Have to Be Limited to Fiction

EricSchmidt Artcorgi Commission by FlyingCorpse

As the internet is brimming with awesome fan fiction, it should come as no surprise that some of the best commissions floating around Tumblr, Twitter, deviantART, and Facebook are fan art. Fan art is the best! But here’s the thing- we don’t think that fan art needs to be limited to fictional universes. We like […]

The Curious World of Vicarious Fashion

1869 Fashion Plate

Many of the clients we’ve been working with lately have worked cool clothes into their commissions. We love the idea of living out one’s fashion fantasies through art, and decided to see if this has ever been done in the past. Sure, plenty of wealthy art patrons had themselves painted in their expensive clothes, but […]

Help Us Share Your Artistic Adventures!

ArtCorgi Support Artists

This week, we kicked off a fresh series of targeted ad campaigns using Facebook and AdWords to discover which sorts of online audiences will be most interested in commissioning art from you. We’re starting with ads targeted at newly-engaged women who might like to commission original art for wedding invitations, favors, gifts, and keepsakes. Next […]

How We Artistically Pursue Cheap Immortality

Eleonora di Toledo, a famous Medici and patroness of the arts

One thing we love about the commissions created on ArtCorgi is the manner in which they immortalize their subjects. When you think of how relatively inexpensive original art commissions are, they’re quite a steal when compared to other means by which people attempt to achieve immortality (e.g. cryogenics, large expeditions to the Fountain of Youth, […]

Our Favorite Lesser-Known Online Art Subcultures

Simone and Malcolm My Little Pony Commission

As we trot around the online art world, chatting with (and admiring from afar, stalker style) various artists, we frequently stumble into various subcultures that delight and surprise us. Should you not spend much time poking around them, we highly recommend doing so. Some of our favorites include: Fan art: We love seeing our favorite […]

How Profile Photos Say More About You Than You’d Like


Though we often worry more about our physical appearance than our social media avatars, those profile images are often seen much more frequently than our actual faces. I think this might be why we’re getting more ArtCorgi clients who are interested in commissioning art that can be used as social media avatars. Have you taken […]