Artists on ArtCorgi: Meghan Murphy

Happy Tuesday everyone! We shot an email over to another ArtCorgi artist of ours, Meghan Murphy. Meghan specializes making playful avatars and is the creater of Kawaii Not. We asked a few questions about her art and life in general and here’s it is, check it out!
Taylor: What made you want to start Kawaii Not?

Meghan: Just to see if I could, really. I realized there was nothing stopping me from creating and posting my comic and
designds online except myself. That is both a wonderful and totally terrifying idea.

T: What’s a style of art you would like to try?

M: I’ve been experimenting with more line-based and shaded work lately, since that is almost the complete opposite of
the flat, graphic-design based vector style in which I usually work. Gets me using different parts of my art brain.

T: What are some artists/style that have inspired you?

M: Retro advertising, particularly mascot design, always gives me fun ideas. Gotta love things with faces.

T: What’s the hardest thing to do when you’re creating your avatars?

M: I love the challenge of capturing a person’s look and personality in as simple a manner as possible, while it still being
eye-catching and fun.

T: Tell us the strangest dream you can remember

M: I know it involved a space station, dinosaurs, and ice cream – but I just can’t remember how it all fit together.


Thanks Meghan! See her profile on ArtCorgi here.