Artists on ArtCorgi: Jenny Polden

A shout out to Jenny Polden, or else more known on her sites as Zanny on this lovely day! Jenny joined ArtCorgi in April and specializes in lineless art. I really like this style as it gives off a playful look for the whole piece!


Here’s a piece she was commissioned to do. Find it on Twitter

And here’s a little bit on Jenny herself!

Taylor: What made you specialize in lineless art?

Jenny: I specialize in lineless art more because it’s just much more fun for me, when I start a picture and then get to the lineart stage, most of the time I loose momentum when it came to the colouring and I wouldn’t put in 100% unless I was in the zone. With the lineless art I can instantly hop straight to the colouring and practice and get better at it without loosing the momentum halfway through due to the lineart. (I do practice lineart still on the side though. Practice, practice, practice!)

T: Is there a style of art you’ve always wanted to try?

J: Graffiti art, I’ve always loved graffiti art and just can’t seem to get it right whenever I tried it. From the funky writing to the work by Banksy, it’s just all lovely to me and I love seeing the good graffiti art when I’m out at town that I will stop and admire it like I would a piece of artwork in an art gallery or a museum.

T: Are there any artists that influence you or that inspire you? If so, who?

J: Oh wow, there are way to many to name all of them, but several who’ve have a big impact in my life are, Paul Kidby the artist for the Discworld series and my good childhood friend Ronja Melin, she helped me to get out of the phase of just copying everyone (When I was 10) and to start drawing MUCH more of my own original pieces and gave me hard critiques even when I didn’t want it but she knew I needed it and I have grown because of it. Plus the fact she’s younger than me and her art is so lovely and awesome it inspires me to get just as good if not better but in my OWN style.

T: What’s a go to late night snack for you?

J: Crisps or biscuits. I’m lazy when it comes to snacks that I’ll grab something easy right there that I can instantly start eating. I’m really having to cut down on my crisps intake though so eating more fruits again.

Check out more of Jenny’s work on Tumblr and ArtCorgi!

*To our ArtCorgi artists*

Feel free to post your recent commissions on tumblr and tag us! We’d love to see what you’ve been commissioned to do. We’ll give you a shout out & a “word from the artist” like we did for Jenny here. 

Happy Thursday!

– ArtCorgi Crew