ArtCorgi’s own: Taylor the intern

My name is Taylor and I am “the intern.”

I first knew about ArtCorgi from reading the San Jose Mercury news. I love all things art so I thought I’d apply to be an ArtCorgi artist myself. By the time I applied through, the site had more than enough talented artists!

Freelance artists need more attention and love from the rest of the world, so I thought ArtCorgi was a great business that deserves more recognition as well. Just a shot in the dark, I decided to email the team, asking if they were looking for an intern or some kind of help. And they said yes!

So I’m currently spending my summer days helping the team with content marketing which for me means blogging, writing and keeping ArtCorgi’s social media sites active while they’re getting down and dirty with investors and clients.

I am a bay area native AND an international kid, being born in San Jose and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I just finished my sophomore year at the University of San Francisco, I major in communication studies and am working to get a minor in Asian Pacific American Studies.

Besides procrastinating for midterms and putting aside assignments, I have a strong interest in art. Since I started making art a long time ago, my style is a lot different than it used to be. But I secretly enjoy looking through my old doodles and laughing at myself.

These days though, I am very much interested in hand painting old luxury and sports cars. My favorites include the ‘59 Cadillac, ‘57 Mercury Cruiser, and sports cars like the ‘69 Charger, Challenger, and all sorts of Shelby Mustangs.

1969 Z28 Camaro with acrylic paint

 See my artwork here!

It hasn’t been long since I’ve started, but it’s just so neat working alongside Silicon Valley’s most potential startup businesses. Hopefully I can contribute to ArtCorgi as much as I can while ArtCorgi is with 500 Startups.

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Yes, I am shamelessly promoting myself.

Happy Tuesday!

– The humble and lowly intern, Taylor