ArtCorgi from the 12th Floor

Now that ArtCorgi is situated in 500 Startups’ office, right by the more active side of downtown Mountain View. I thought I’d share the experience of working in the heart of Silicon Valley… As an intern.


Since it’s probably the tallest structure around the area, it’s not hard to see it from far. Looking at it from the outside, the large windows on the building resembled the ones I drew when I was a kid: Large rectangular boxes with large windows. I MASTERED… large-rectangular-boxes-with-large-windows.

Before entering the office

Entering the 12th floor, you’ll see members and companies working in the 500 Startups office on the wall, with different national flags stuck on the wall too.

There’s my flag [Taiwan]! More on that another time.
Some familar and beautiful faces.

The building may not be architecturally beautiful, but it’s safe to say that the interior and view from the top floor is pretty breathtaking.

One side of the building.


500 Startups essentially brings up batches of startup companies, giving them some help and support. Each set is completely unique with different businesses coming in and out. 500 Startups in currently on batch 9.

4 out of 5 doctors recommend having f*cking fun as part of your daily routine.

There are definitely more knick knacks in the office, but more on it another day!

Happy Tuesday!

– The humble and lowly intern from ArtCorgi