An Epic Anime Portrait by Lucía García

Kelby in Action by Lucia Garcia

One of my favorite commissions as of late is this anime-style action scene illustrated by Lucía García, who, in addition to working on commissions, just wrapped up her thesis! (Congrats, Lucía!!)

You can commission art from her in this style on her anime busts commission page. :)

The Story Behind the Commission

Simone (S): What inspired you to commission this piece?

Kelby (K): I first came into contact with ArtCorgi through an advertisement on Facebook. Needless to say, after browsing several pages of examples of work from your numerous artists, I had really fallen for the style shown by Lucía García. I thought it might be something fun to have as a desktop wallpaper or a blown up poster on the wall. However, It has since become a birthday gift for a friend of mine :)

S: Is there any particular movie or story that inspired the futuristic weapons or general scene you asked for?

K: Me and my friend were watching an anime (A dark, dystopian themed, detective-esque show called “Psycho Pass”) I really enjoyed it, and thought it might be fun to have a portrait/wallpaper piece done in the style and theme similar to that of the show.

S: We LOVE how this turned out, and that you commissioned an action-filled scene rather than a straightforward portrait. What
advice would you give to other people who would like to commission a scene that comes across as well as this does?

K: Erg… I would think the artist would have a better answer :). But I suppose having an underlying theme is a great start. I believe mine was “dark and futuristic”. Having a few background reference photos also helped. However I also like surprises, so I wanted to see what the artist might come up with if left to her own devices.