Making a Special Photo Even More Special

Sometimes photos are so great, clients don’t want to have them illustrated— just improved! This was the case with Kelly, who had Andy help him turn an already-lovely photo into something really special.

Backstory Behind the Piece

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Kelly (K): My best friend’s fiancé has commissioned art for her before, but none of the two of them. Another friend from work had a particular piece made through ArtCorgi for his wife. When I looked through the online gallery, I decided that for their wedding I should make her a piece.

AC: How did you go about selecting an artist/style?

K: Price and preference. I knew my entire budget was $100 (including printing and framing) leaving only 40-50 for the art itself.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend who is commissioning art for the first time?

K: I think it’s a great idea; it’s special and unique. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate an event or special time in a person’s life.