A Fan Art Commission Celebrating Alex Woolfson

Alex Woolfson Gif by Omniopticon

We much as we love commissions, we find it hard to beat fan art- which is why we are incredibly excited to share this fan art commission we had made to celebrate writer and comic creator Alex Woolfson.

This commission was inspired and directed by Eugenia, one of our newest team members who is helping us bring more artists to our clients and develop a stronger community. Eugenia has been a fan of Woolfson’s work for quite some time now, and thought it would be really fun to commission some art to celebrate it.

We’re really pleased with how the final piece, created by Omniopticon in his comic book style, came out!

For more background on this piece, check out our Q&A with Eugenia below. You can see how the commission evolved from draft to final on its draft review page.

Alex Woolfson Commission by OmniopticonSimone: How did you discover Alex Woolfson’s work?

Eugenia: When I was doing research for my thesis, I e-mailed around 60 graphic novelists (looked at online recommendations for top webcomicists). While several were kind and filled out my survey, I really wanted to be able to conduct an in-person interview with someone working in the Bay Area. Many people I reached out to were rather unhappy to be bothered, but Alex Wolfson was gracious enough to give me three hours of his time.

In a sentence or two, how would you describe The Young Protectors stories?

Alex was inspired to create The Young Protectors from growing up reading Marvel and DC, but wishing there was at least one gay superhero to relate to. While both major comic chains have recently remedied that problem, Alex’s story provides some of the best of the Marvel/DC style combined with Alex’s tight plotting and romanticism.

To those who would be interested in checking out Woolfson’s stories, where do you recommend they start?

I would start with Artifice, which was completed last year. Imagining combining Asimovian science fiction and romance – its a fun combo.

How did you go about choosing an artist for this commission?

I was looking for an artist who could both work in a style similar to Alex’s and who had a great sense for layout. Omniopticon was perfect!

Can you explain the premise behind this piece?

The figure sitting in the middle typing away, writing his comics, is Alex Wolfsoon. As he types his characters come to life behind him, even providing the idea light-bulb behind his head.

What tips would you give to someone who would like to commission a fan art gift for one of their favorite authors/creators?

It is a fantastic way to show love of someone elses’ work. I would look for an artist that has a similar or complementary style to your favorite author. The sky is the limit and it is great fun to imagine how you can portray your favorite characters and settings uniquely.


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Original The Young Protectors stories and characters by Alex Woolfson. © 2013 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved. http://webcomics.yaoi911.com/