Full Color Illustrations by Ihara


Using the reference photos and notes you provide, Ihara will create a unique work of art for you in this style. See below for options and artist info!

Tell Ihara how many figures you would like in this commission. *

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Ihara’s awesome portraits combine anime and cartoon styles with awesome bursts of color and smooth execution.

  • Turnaround time: Three weeks
  • Subject options: Humans and anthropomorphic animals/creatures (“anthro”, “furry”, etc.) only. Potentially full-body drawings, but can truncate to hip-lengths and busts for cheaper pricing (upon special request). Simple, soft backgrounds. A preference for only one or two characters (more as per special request). Soft nudity allowed. NO extensively-mechanical or sci-fi subjects. No depictions of violence.

Your final work will arrive as a digital image, ready for you to set as social media cover images, profile avatars, desktop backgrounds, mobile device lock screens, and more. We encourage you to print your digital commission through the service of your choice, though we’re happy to send physical prints directly to you as well (see our commission prints category for options). Your image, which will arrive as a JPEG, at least 3000 by 3000 pixels and a minimum of 250 pixels per inch, will be of high enough quality to print in virtually any format.

About Ihara

I’m a recreational freelance artist attempting to specialise in sleek and simple, yet exaggerated forms, complemented with a generally light and bouncy style that is still in-the-making.